Make precious life lessons

Let’s learn some precious life lessons from the project Rahul got at his school.

(Tuesday morning)

“Rahul,when is your science project submission date. “
“Mumma, it’s next Monday, we still have a week to finish.”
” Rahul, ask your classmates today, what are they making.”
” Why, Mumma?”
“Because, your’s should be the best.”

(Thursday morning)

“Rahul, did anyone deposite their project?”
“Yes, some have done. When will we do our project?”
” Don’t worry, I am there.”

(Saturday evening, after school)

” Rahul, don’t go for playing today, we have to do our project.”


“Rahul, no playing, we have to decorate our project, it should look the best.”

(Monday, in school)

Teacher: ” Congratulations everyone, for finishing your project works on time. Please come and explain about your project.” Indeed Rahul’s project was well designed and presented.

 But was it needed?Now let’s look at the unseen part of it, to learn our precious life lessons.

Tuesday 2:00 pm, Sarita, Rahul’s mom, had finished all her work, googled all the possible topics for son’s project. She made a list of all the projects, which they can do.
Wednesday, she called some of her friends and relatives to enquire for the best topic to make the project. Then, struck off the common topics from her list.
Thursday 2:00 pm, she deleted the topics that were done by Rahul’s classmates.
Friday she collected all the requirements.
Saturday 2:00 pm, she arranged every thing to one place.Night, Sarita sat with Rahul, after finishing her daily chores. Rahul was sleepy by 11:00 pm so Sarita finished some portions, just to help Rahul.Sunday, They sat again, this time they had to hurry up. Sarita helped him, by finishing most of his work. Rahul’s work was not very neat, so Sarita did the finishing tough to the project.They finished it on time.Monday, Rahul was feeling proud as he was praised by one and all. 

Such a happy ending to the story of making a science project.

But, was it worth? Was it solving the purpose of project work? Was it by anyway helpful to the child? 

You all might not like it, but the answer is NO. A big NO. Was Sarita student of that class? The answer is again NO.

NO. A big NO

Precious life lessons

You can replace mother in this story with father or any other elder. Parent’s mindset puts so much pressure on the learning of the child. It is not Happy parenting. By helping child in work, school projects we are not giving them precious life lessons or stress free childhood. If they do not learn their life lessons, they will not be able to cope up with the ups and downs in life. As long as the effort is done by anyone other than the person it to was meant be, the effort is useless.
It’s not that a child of any age can do their work all alone.
I am just saying, 


Help him by questions like,

  •  what do you think should be our topic?
  • From where can we get the informative material?
  • Will you just collect some information, then, we will together discuss on the best doable topic.
  • Can you collect the required material, that we have at home, make a list of things we need to buy or arrange. 

And many thought provoking questions like this. 
Let it be your child’s project. 

And most importantly, it is not required that it appears best, it should solve it’s purpose the most.

Haha, as a mother, I know, it is tough to control ourselves from taking over the task, but have patience, it is possible.

And believe me, as a teacher, I can assure you, their teacher will like it more, when it is done by your child and not you.

Please make every small experience, a precious learning for life. 

P.s. By making a project by his own, our child is taking small steps towards learning to handle his life.
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We Parents make all efforts to give our child a Happy childhood. While do so, at times we overdo. Please read, To know how you can save a preschooler from stress of learning.

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