Lizards make her blush

Now lizards make her smile. This is story of a queen who was affraid of lizards. She was affraid to such an extent that she would never go to a room if she finds about any lizard ln that room.

Now lizards make her smile.

Her friends asked her this valentine's day, " Dear, what is the most romantic date you had with your husband?"

Queen was affraid of lizards to the extent that she never entered the room, if she knew there was one in the room, she still is.

She still is affraid of lizards.

But now she smiles when she finds a lizard in room.

Her friends asked her this valentine’s day,

” Dear, what is the most romantic date you had with your husband?”

She thought for some time, as she never went to a date. She had no answer. Actually had nothing to say related to this.

She was searching for some answer in her head.

There was love between King and Queen. They never expressed it with gifts and roses. They shared a unique bond. Their love needed no show. They always smile at each other

She smiled and replied with twinkling eyes

” He takes care of every lizard issue at home. That’s my date, every day.”

Wishing happiness for the world.

I am affraid of lizards. Some of my friends are affraid rabbits. Some are affraid of honeybees. And some of frogs. We don’t like to be around these beings, because we are not comfortable with there presence. If you are too, comment below and tell how you react when you see one. If you are affraid of some other creepy crawly, please comment and tell us what it is and share how you react on seeing it.

Please give your opinion on: Is going to a date, having fancy dinners, visiting different romantic destinations, the only way to know your partner loves you? Or do you believe there can be some sweet nothings that can be counted to know that life is smiling back to us.

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