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Celebrate No-Plastic Navratri. #noplasticnavtatri

Let’s celebrate this Navratri as No-Plastic Navratri. #noplasticnavratri . We all clean our homes, decorate and pray during Navratri. Navratri is time when everyone likes to meet friends, family, relatives. Let’s make a difference this Navratri. We can do this by stopping the use of any 9 things mentioned below. It’s high time we do something.

Follow any 9 habits given below. And make this a “No-Plastic Navratri”. #noplasticnavratri

Shop from your local farmer’s market. This way you will get fresh vegetables.

When ordering Pizza, say no to the little plastic table in the middle of Pizza box.

Treat yourself with an ice cream cone and avoid plastic cup.

Let go of frozen convenient food.

Use soap instead of body wash.

Carry a traditional steel, glass, ceramic tiffin to office or school. 

Request “No plastic packing” when ordering online.

Carry your own reusable steel or ceramic container to pack your leftovers while visiting a restaurant or a food joint.

Celebrate No-Plastic Navratri.

Choose stainless steel containers and ice cubes over plastic.

Carry your own reusable steel or ceramic beverage container. If they’re too pricey, use a glass mason jar! Heavy, but cheap.

Don’t get to-go coffee or hot drinks. Your drink lid and cup will live on for over 100 years! The lids and lining are plastic. Bring your own or ask for a ceramic, reusable cup.

Carry your own cloth bag for shopping.

Prefer using disposable that are Eco friendly.

Avoid buying plastic flowers and plants to decorate your house.

Celebrate No-Plastic Navratri.

Don’t throw the reusable plastic items that you own presently.

Just avoid buy new plastic things, if there are eco friendly options available.

Follow these simple ways, to start contributing towards cleaner Earth. 

If you are interested to know about more ways to avoid plastic, check these:

Read about tips on how to do parenting, to make children aware of no plastic lifestyle.

Please join us in this change. Share your no plastic daily journey by tagging @happyheart_forever in your Instagram posts, and using the hashtag #noplasticnavratri

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