Eco friendly Business Ideas- Part 1.

Eco friendly Business Ideas- Part 1.  Stepping towards Greener Earth. Here is a series of posts with new and Eco friendly business ideas which also reduces our plastic footprint. You probably by now know how much plastic is affecting our environment. It is time to start doing some effort from our level. Other than changing our habits and lifestyle, we also have to look for ways by which we can control the use of plastic in a bigger scale.

Eco friendly Business Ideas- Part 1.  Stepping towards Greener Earth. It is time to start doing some effort from our level. Other than changing our habits and lifestyle, we also have to look for ways by which we can control the use of plastic in a bigger scale.
Start new.

This series of posts contain some ideas that you can use as a startup.  If presently you have a business setup dealing with plastics and you feel guilty of that or are worrying about the future of your business, this series of Eco friendly Business Ideas will be of much use to you. These ideas can be used as startup at every city or town. 

So let us take a look at some of the efforts that people are doing at different corners. They are doing this to reduce the use of plastic as well as to spread the awareness. And as people are preferening eco friendly options, these business will have an edge over the conventional setups. 

Many of these ideas are new and do-able. Just think of the pacific garbage patch whenever you feel tempted to buy water, get a to-go cup or buy liquid laundry detergent. 

Note: These changes are the need of the market too. Here we go:

Eco friendly Business Ideas- Part 1: 


Kulhars may have been in use in the region for the past 5,000 years, since the Indus Valley Civilization. A kulhar (Hindustani: कुल्हड़ or کلہڑ) or kulhad, is also known as shikora. Shikora is a traditional handle-less clay cup from North India and Pakistan that is typically unpainted and unglazed, and meant to be disposable.

The most interesting feature of kulhar is not being painted and that differentiates a kulhar from a terra-cotta cup. The kulhar cup is unglazed inside out. Since kulhars are made by firing in a kiln and are almost never reused, they are inherently sterile and hygienic.

Bazaars and food stalls in the Indian subcontinent traditionally served hot beverages, such as tea, in kuhlars, which suffused the beverage with an “earthy aroma” that was often considered appealing. Yoghurt, hot milk with sugar as well as some regional desserts, such as kulfi (traditional ice-cream), are also served in kulhars. Since kulhars are manufactured by small rural kilns, this would assist in boosting rural employment. 

Kulhars, Own it.

Do this again, take it as a business idea. Produce it locally, make it a supply chain or explore the online market that is all up to you. Just do it because it is future. This will surely boost rural employment. You can also group people together and become their investor.

Let’s be kind to Earth and the people living on it. 

All the best for a startup. Looking forward to seeing you in future. If this article was of any help to you, please respond in the comment box. 

To read it in hindi, click here: पर्यावरण अनुकूल बिज़नेस आइडिया- पार्ट 1 एक कदम।

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