Business Ideas- Part 3. It’s a Leafy business.

It’s a Leafy business. Business Ideas- Part 3. Stepping towards Greener Earth. Here is a series of posts with new and Eco friendly business ideas which also reduces our plastic footprint.

Business Ideas- Part 3. It’s a Leafy business. Series of posts Eco friendly, zero waste, profitable small business ideas that reduces our plastic footprint.

You probably now know how much plastic is affecting our environment. It is time to start doing some effort from our level. Other than changing our habits and lifestyle, we also have to look for ways by which we can control the use of plastic in a bigger scale.

This series of posts contain some ideas that you can use as a startup.  If presently you have a business setup dealing with plastics and you feel guilty of that or are worrying about the future of your business, this series of Eco friendly Business Ideas will be of much use to you. These ideas can be used as startup at every city or town. 

So let us take a look at some of the efforts that people are doing at different corners. They are doing this to reduce the use of plastic as well as to spread the awareness. And as people are preferening eco friendly options, these business will have an edge over the conventional setups. 

Many of these ideas are new and do-able. Just think of the pacific garbage patch whenever you feel tempted to buy water, get a to-go cup or buy liquid laundry detergent. 

Note: These changes are the need of the market too. Here we go:

Eco friendly Business Ideas- Part 1

Eco friendly Business Ideas- Part2. 

Today’s Eco Friendly Business Idea: 

It’s a Leafy business

Some leaves have a wide range of applications because they are large, flexible, waterproof and decorative.

They are used for cooking, wrapping and food-serving in a wide range of cuisines in tropical and subtropical areas.

 Banana leaves are a packaging solution that has existed for thousands of years, still exists today, and that could benefit the environment by simply expanding their use to new areas.

Traditionally, the leaves of the banana tree are used most often as (quite dynamic and attractive) serving vessels for everyday meals in South Indian and Filipino cuisine. Hindus and Buddhists both use the leaves for religious ceremonies and offerings, and the fully biodegradable and bright green leaves are used as trays of sorts. But that’s not all!

Business Ideas- Part 3. It’s a Leafy business.

 They are used for decorative and symbolic purposes in numerous Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies. These can be used as a good alternative for plastic or artificial decoration and will be in demand with increasing awareness of Eco alternatives.

 In traditional home building in tropical areas, roofs and fences are made with dry banana-leaf thatch.

Banana and palm leaves were historically the primary writing surfaces in many nations of South and Southeast Asia.

Patravali. Patravali or Pattal or Vistaraku or Vistar or Khali is an Indian eating plate or trencher made with broad dried leaves. It is mainly made from Sal leaves.

Business Ideas- Part 3. It’s a Leafy business.

Business Ideas- Part 3. It’s a Leafy business.

 Palm Leaf Hand Fan, Bengal: West Bengal is famous for its hand fans made of Palm Leaf.

Natural sources of dye come from many places including food, flowers, weeds, bark, moss, leaves, seeds, mushrooms, lichens and even minerals. Today, a select group of artisans are preserving the art of making natural dyes from plants. 

Make natural colours for Holi: As everyone is looking for natural colours during holi, this can be a good seasonal source of income.

Make trending fashion accessories. Use your imagination. See this for an idea.

With the changing times, leaf packaging is back. There is an increase in demand in all sectors of the market. People have already started working on this sector. Small groups, entrepreneurs have started looking forward to this as a promising career.   

Do this again, take it as a business idea. Produce it locally, make it a supply chain, become a distributor, a retail outlet or explore the online market that is all up to you. Just do it because it is future. This will surely boost rural employment. 

Business Ideas- Part 3. It’s a Leafy business.

All the best for a startup. Looking forward to seeing you in future. If this article was of any help to you, please respond in the comment box. 

Let’s be kind to Earth and the people living on it. 

Please join us in this change,share your no plastic daily journey by tagging @happyheart_forever in your Instagram posts, and using the hashtag #lessplasticdaily !     

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