Thank You 2019

Dear 2019,

Thanks for being here. You were a good teacher and a friend to me. You filled my life with adventure. Ticks in the bucket list and new aims for future were some of the achievements. 

You made me realise my potential. I realised how important it is to love myself before I love others. You taught me the importance of letting my emotions flow, allowing myself to be me. No shield, no covers. You taught me the essence of love, care and compassion. You gave me the courage to speak, to put my opinion on the matters I strongly feel. I learned the true meaning of love. The glow I carry with me is nothing but the love I receive. I got new family members and friends this year. Regained the old charm of friendship. I started learning to read people with you. You taught me to dance to the music of life. I learnt to accept myself the way I am. You made me realise that everyone in my life has a special place and purpose to play.

I got to meet people, some I am super impressed with and others who taught me why decision making is important. It is you who saved me from overthinking. You will always have a special place in my heart, life and personality.

2019 thank you for being so kind to me.

Good Bye,

No regrets


Published by

Roshni Shukla

Hi, I am Roshni Shukla, a Parent, Founder and Principal for an Early Years Education centre, a Parenting Coach and Parenting Blogger. My journey with and around children started in 2005. I am learning everyday with parents and children alike. Parenting isn’t a practice. It’s a daily learning experience. So here are some little tips that can make a parent ready for what is coming for them in this amazing journey called parenting. Let's together bring some change in the mindset about parenting, schooling, society, lifestyle and more.

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