Happy Morning Habits

Morning habits that can make your day more productive.

Morning can be the best time to make your day happier.

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Morning routine has the capacity to decide how productive we will be throughout the day. Our morning planning and routine can make or break our day. With the day all packed with work, office or family, mornings can be the best time to spend with ourselves. Getting up early can be a good idea if you want to spend time in organizing your day. 

Everyone will have a different ideal morning routine, but let’s discuss some of the things that you might like to add to your morning routine.

  •  Getting up a little earlier than all your family members will give you some extra time for yourself.
  • Drink some water: drink some water as soon as you get up. This will help hydrate your body after a good night sleep. 
  • Make your bed – this is something we all have been asked to do as a child. But this really helps. Making your bed first thing in the morning can put you in the line with putting your first task done. It will make your space less cluttered first thing in the morning. A well made bed will also welcome you back in the evening when you come back tired after a day full of work. 

Fit Habits

  • It is a great time to go for a walk or a brief run to kick start your day. This will also give you a feel good emotion from the morning itself. 
  • Keep your phone away: this could be difficult to do in the beginning but staying away from your phone in the early hours is the best thing you can do to keep your mind away from the social flood of stimulation and information in your mind. It’s better for our bodies and our reactive emotional systems to reduce how long we’re feeling stress in a day. Plus, reaching for your phone first thing is a quick way to derail your whole morning routine. All of us have stayed in bed some time or other while watching Facebook, Instagram or twitter. 
  • It is a good idea to stretch your body. If you are not an exercise person, use this extra hour to start a healthy habit.

Relaxing Habits

9 Small Morning Habits That Will Make Your Whole Day So Much Better  Landon Phillips  Jan 15th
  • All the writers can make their best compositions in the morning.  
  • Pamper yourself: pamper yourself, do all the beauty treatments you want to do to yourself, and never get time. Establish a good skin routine for yourself in the morning.
  • Sit and have a nice cup of tea or coffee all for yourself. Spend some time for yourself. Read the newspaper, your favorite book or article. 

Healthy Habits

  • Play with your pet, dance, sing, do zumba, do gardening, water your plants, make some craft, paint or do whatever you enjoy doing.
  •  Make to-do list: write or review your to-do list. By doing this you will be ahead of making decisions based on your mood. For more focused and productive day, it is beneficial to plan your day in the morning.

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Hi, I am Roshni Shukla, a Parent, Founder and Principal for an Early Years Education centre, a Parenting Coach and Parenting Blogger. My journey with and around children started in 2005. I am learning everyday with parents and children alike. Parenting isn’t a practice. It’s a daily learning experience. So here are some little tips that can make a parent ready for what is coming for them in this amazing journey called parenting. Let's together bring some change in the mindset about parenting, schooling, society, lifestyle and more.

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