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100 Best Guitarists of All Times. With some basic sense of music and a passionate guitarist husband I got some exposure to this world of rhythms and tunes. In this journey I got to hear all his collections. Collection of songs from various genres and artists in the form of books, CDs and those old cassettes got my interest going and growing.

Now when all of us are at home dealing with Corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic and trying to maintain self isolation, work from home, social distancing, we are living life diffeerently.

Not that things will not change, they will. But it might take time. Every one worldwide are exploring a different side of their personality. Creativity is at it’s best now.

We as human have this quality of fighting over way out of every damn situation. But the kind of positivism that is in the world right now is of a different level.

I am also exploring my sense of creativity. I am doodling to spend my time productively. The outcome has become a great pass time for my children. They are busy finding the names that they recognize.

Let’s see how many of them you have heard. They are all great singers. Please comment and let us know who is your favorite.

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Roshni Shukla

Hi, I am Roshni Shukla, a Parent, Founder and Principal for an Early Years Education centre, a Parenting Coach and Parenting Blogger. My journey with and around children started in 2005. I am learning everyday with parents and children alike. Parenting isn’t a practice. It’s a daily learning experience. So here are some little tips that can make a parent ready for what is coming for them in this amazing journey called parenting. Let's together bring some change in the mindset about parenting, schooling, society, lifestyle and more.

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