Corona Self Isolation #Day 15

Corona Self Isolation #Day 15

Corona Self Isolation #Day 15. I along with my family is on self isolation from 13 March 2020, due to the spread of Corona Virus in the nation. This pandemic is taking a troll over everyone’s life.Many families like us have gone to self isolation from mid March. It is a tough task for every one especially parents to keep their children at home.

In Indian School system, Feb end or March is the time when schools conclude their sessions. It is time for students to enjoy post examinations. It is also time for families to go on vacations meet their relatives.

Kids are at home, parents are working for home (if they are into such profession) and for others, they are just sitting at home with their business closed. It is a bit difficult to keep these young minds busy all day long, even if you have made a fool proof plan. We need some stress buster. No denial.

We were afraid but alert at the same time. It was on tuesday 24/03/2020, 20:00 hours,

Addressing the nation for the second time this week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday announced a 21-day lock down beginning March 25 at 0000 hours PM Modi Announced 21 days lock down beginning 25 march at 0000 hrs.

Now we have to keep ourselves positive and happy in every possible way to pass these 21 days period successfully. We have to stay positive, happy, healthy and productive. We have to behave well as citizens by obeying laws, as good children to elders in family, as understanding and loving parents to our children and as good employees to the company by working form home.

Playing all these rolls are very exhaustive. We need to give some time to ourselves also.

Self Isolation during Corona Virus threat. Trying to stay positive gave me. Compilation of all the funny messages, memes, videos etc.

This thought of trying to stay positive gave me the push to compile all the funny messages, memes, videos etc. that are like a good dose of laughter. Hope you like them too.

Because some of them are forwards, I am not sure about the source. I will try to credit the source as much as possible, still if you find some corrections to be done, feel free to mention, and I will surely make the changes.

In an effort to making a parent happy and positive.

Please comment if you feel fresh after this.

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