Newborn’s vision is black and white.

Did you know that newborn’s vision is just black and white until about 3 months of age? Let’s see why providing high contrast monochrome toys is beneficial for babies.

Newborn’s vision is just black and white.

Newborn’s vision

According to studies babies are born accustomed to living in a dark and muted environment. Up until about three to six months of age they can only see between 10-15 inches in front of them. And they can only really see in black, white and grey tones. This is why finding toys and decor in high contrast black and white can be extremely beneficial for your child’s development.

It should not be confusing. Newborns can see from birth, just not as clearly as an older child or adult. Until your child is about six months of age, he will respond best to bold, contrasting colors and graphics.

It’s important to provide your baby with toys that feature the visual extremes of black, white and red at times. 

High-contrast colors will captivate and hold the baby’s attention.

It helps in encouraging visual development as well as physical activity – like wiggling, kicking, and arm waving.
But surprisingly, for no reasons there has been a major move in the infant toy industry away from production of black, white and red toys. They have elected to choose bright modern colors. But still there are some companies who are filling this gap.

How to stimulate your newborn’s vision and cognitive abilities?

Stimulating your baby’s vision and helping them determine shapes and colors is important for strengthening their cognitive abilities. It is also helpful in improving their gross motor skills. Because high contrast images are easier for babies to interpret. They are the best way for your child to lengthen their attention span, improve his or her memory and develop their nervous system. It is also beneficial in terms of social development. Being able to describe something allows your child to expand their vocabulary and boost their confidence.

Planning baby nursery! When colors should be introduced to a newborn?

There is a lot of freedom in working with black and white toys and decor for your newborn. You can add pops of color later on that align with your little one’s interests. Black and white is also gender neutral, timeless and educational meaning you’ll get multiple uses for multiple children.

Planning baby nursery! When colors should be introduced to a newborn?

Photo by kelvin octa from Pexels, Canva

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