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Hello, I am glad that I could make you curious enough that you have come to my profile to know more about me. I really appreciate this! As you might have known my name by now, it’s Roshni!

I am Roshni Shukla, mother of two. I am working as Principal in an elementary school since 2007. As a mother, I am learning something new everyday. And as a Principal, I have to help a lot of mothers on how to approach children in their changing age. And as a Parent Coach I am trying to make this ride smoother for both parent and child. Key to remember is “It’s not an easy task to maintain a healthy and happy environment at home if we are not happy ourselves.”

I have noticed a lot of behavioral changes in the students. Some young individuals who lack a proper support system at home, are much prone to depression and low self esteem issues. We as parents can avoid this by giving a right kind of family environment and approach. 

I would like to share some things about me:

✅ Founder & Principal of an Early Years Education Centre in my area since 2007, I started my journey with children when there was no Kindergarten in my town in Chhattisgarh. Educating people with the need of early years education was the start of my journey. My mission is to work for children and their holistic growth.

✅ CG’s 1st Certified Parenting Coach from DEEP. Being Parent Educator I am working on helping parents to thrive at home, at work and in life. Parents have too many things on their mind and often find themselves distracted. I help them develop their presence and focus so they can be their best for themselves, their family and their child. Working with parents since 2007 I have guided them to get over their challenges. I also got a nickname through this process- “Happy Parenting Coach” , which is the best thing in my journey as a Parenting coach.

✅ I am Certified Career Strategist and I guide students of Classes 8th to 12th, in deciding the best ways to study and in career selection.

✅I am founder of ‘Happy Parenting with Roshni Shukla’ podcast series where parents are guided about staying positive and optimistic in the parenting journey. ‘Happy Parenting’ aims to add value to your life by sharing ways to become a better version of yourself. So, if you are going low and you want to conquer the challenges of parenting, just put on the headphones and listen to my podcast! I assure you that you’ll not be disappointed.

✅ I am Life Coach in the specialty of Happiness, happiness for both parents and children.

✅ I am a Blogger, with useful blogs for Parents in different fields of life. I am a Parenting Blogger with the mission to help parents find sufficient insight to deal with the changing needs of their child.

✅ I take coaching on 1-2-1, online, group setups.

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✅Blog:📍 www.happyheartforever.com , www.happyparenting.coach

✅Podcast:📍 ‘Happy Parenting with Roshni Shukla’, *Hindi Podcast for Parents* available in all major platforms.

✅LinkedIn:📍 Roshni Shukla

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Email: roshni.parenting@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +91 9977702800

About my blog- Happy Heart Forever

Happy Heart Forever contains lots of parenting tips, interesting stories, easy learning tips, food ideas, crafts, schooling, society, lifestyle, health etc.

This blog was born to share parenting ideas to parents. My  blog, Happy Heart Forever is always looking for new ways to make mother’s lives better.  

While learning to love myself, I will be writing on every little thing that I found useful for me as well as other mothers in this wonderful journey of parenting. I will be putting your attention on small changes that can keep us ready for what is coming.

Happy Heart Forever contains lots of parenting tips, interesting stories, easy learning tips, food ideas, crafts, schooling, society, lifestyle, health etc. It also contains ideas and activities to help children become better human beings with sensitivity towards planet Earth.

You will surely find reasons to smile and stay motivated.

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