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Good Parenting
Parents play an important role in the overall development of their child. It is the right guidance of parents that develops the character of the child. Parenting is a never-ending job. It is not something you can get away from once the time comes, because children need their parents from time to time, to stay on the right track. Here’s all that you need to know about the role of parents in the development of their child.

What makes a good parent? People have always tired to find out the answer, because what makes a good parent makes a good family and what makes a good family makes a good society and finally what makes a good society makes the world we live in a good one. Actually it is family where all the social ills come from. It is family that predetermines what kind of society we will have tomorrow, because the society of tomorrow will be born to and molded in the family of today. So if we want to find out what makes a good parent and try to change the society we’ll be living in we’ve got to start right now. So let’s start.

जब आपका बच्चा स्कूल से टिफिन खाए बिना वापस आए तो इस्तेमाल करें यह 7 युक्तियां

1. मां- मेरी बेटी किंडरगार्टन के पहले वर्ष में है। वह स्कूल से टिफिन खा कर नहीं आती,क्या करूं? बच्चा – स्कूल बच्चे के लिए नई जगह है, हर बच्चा अलग तरह से एडजस्ट करने की कोशिश कर रहा है। कुछ नए माहौल में अपनी मां को खोजते […]

Make it precious not beautiful

(Tuesday morning) “Rahul,when is your science project submission date. ““Mumma, it’s next Monday, we still have a week to finish.”” Rahul, ask your classmates today, what are they making.”” Why, Mumma?”“Because, your’s should be the best.” (Thursday morning)“Rahul, did anyone deposite their project?”“Yes, some have done. When will […]

Let me put it differently

My hobby is gardening. That is why the season of rain, greenery brings more joy to me. I love watching plants grow. I feel joyful when around lush greens. When  plants get best environmental conditions they grow and flourish well. By profession, I am a preschool teacher, so […]