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Schools are the most significant socialization force next to the family and it is in school where children form relationships which influence social and academic outcomes. It has been suggested in various studies that a supportive and caring school environment optimizes the academic outcomes of students . Caring and supportive school environments can only occur when the socialization experiences and relationships of students feature acceptance, tolerance, and respect from both teachers and co-students. Articles will be related to preschool, primary, secondary, school holidays, stuff for school, tools, etc.

जब आपका बच्चा स्कूल से टिफिन खाए बिना वापस आए तो इस्तेमाल करें यह 7 युक्तियां

1. मां- मेरी बेटी किंडरगार्टन के पहले वर्ष में है। वह स्कूल से टिफिन खा कर नहीं आती,क्या करूं? बच्चा – स्कूल बच्चे के लिए नई जगह है, हर बच्चा अलग तरह से एडजस्ट करने की कोशिश कर रहा है। कुछ नए माहौल में अपनी मां को खोजते […]

Let me put it differently

My hobby is gardening. That is why the season of rain, greenery brings more joy to me. I love watching plants grow. I feel joyful when around lush greens. When  plants get best environmental conditions they grow and flourish well. By profession, I am a preschool teacher, so […]