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Toys are fun and any child, no matter the age, will attest to that. Toys have the potential to teach in many ways as well as play a positive role in a child’s educational, social, emotional and physical development. “Play is the mechanism by which children learn how they experience their world, practice new skills, and internalize new ideas and is therefore the essential work of children”(Guyton, 2011). Physical, emotional and mental capacity are all a direct correlation of the environment a child grows in, especially the types of toys used during the child development stages. Genetics will play a role in the child development process and there are other factors as well that will be influenced through learned behaviors while playing with toys such as; family structure, nature surrounding/ environment, and basic education concepts.

Top 10 DIY “NOISEMAKERS” New Year Craft Idea

Here are Top10 DIY “noisemakers”, that are perfect to make with kids for the big countdown!
These DIY noisemakers are perfect to make with kids for the big countdown! Your kids can customize their own noisemaker and when the countdown happens it’s time to make some noise. When it’s time to go home, your guests can take these colorful crafts as perfect party favors.

खिलौना/खिलौने क्यों महत्वपूर्ण हैं?

खिलौने, खेल और पहेली में कई प्रकार की सामग्री शामिल होती है, जिससे बच्चे खोज सकते हैं, एक साथ रख सकते हैं, खींच सकते हैं और धक्का दे सकते हैं

Less toys more development

Having lesser toys, is a better idea to give your child a childhood full of learning. It is not that toys are not important for a child. They are important. But, we don’t have to keep giving them a toy in the very first chance we get. Lesser toys will help in better development of the child.