Happy Childhood, let me put it differently

My hobby is gardening, and it reminds me of my Happy childhood. That is why the season of rain, greenery brings more joy to me. I love watching plants grow. I feel joyful when around lush greens. When  plants get best environmental conditions they grow and flourish well. By profession, I am a preschool teacher, so I am always around lots of energy and positivity. I enjoy their cute questions, observations, their unique understanding of the world around them. They smile back, if they get one as greetings. I love watching toddlers grow and get ready for their formal schooling. Happy childhood is all about joy and happiness.

Happy childhood is every child's right.

Let’s give them a Happy childhood

It is July, season of rain. Best time to plan, design, redesign, shift, your terrace, kitchen garden, balcony, front garden,back yard or any other place that you have.

It also best time for the Nursery owners and farmers to plan for upcoming season.

It is July, also season for School admissions. Best time to plan admitting your 2-3 years old to his very first play school, shifting a 6 years old to a formal school, shifting a primary student to a middle school because you think the other school will do justice to your child, shifting a ninth grader to a school which provides better preparatory classes for tenth and higher studies, shifting your confused and still adjusting adolescent to coaching centres that produce a batch of adults with tired minds.

It is also best time for parents to choose best subject for their eleventh grader, because, in present parenting style, parents think their child is good at their choice of subject, and that very subject will decide the fate of your child.

It is know fact, we, the parents know it all. We everytime know what is best for our child. We even know which are their choice of subjects. And we think it is part of giving them a Happy childhood

Ok, let me not confuse you, with these long and complex sentences. Let’s just consider one part at a time.

Coming back to our gardeners, they put seeds first in green house, in seedling trays. They  make the environment suitable for these seedlings, so they could grow properly.

Similarly,  we admit our toddlers to homeschooling, a playschool or priprimary school setup. Yes, it is true that play schools, Preschool and Preprimary schools are places  which are designed keeping in mind the learning requirements to this age group. It provides separate setup, separate set of teachers, who are smiling, motherly and most importantly soft spoken. The curriculum also gives these schools the liberty to do things at a pace which is not too tiring for the child.

  Just imagine if the gardener decides to put some of the seedlings in to the open garden area, within 15 days of their life. Nature is very kind, they will still grow. Gardener, might feel happy, that he has saved his time by shifting the seedlings early. But will this not put some stress to these seedlings? Gardener could have avoided that harsh Sun or heavy rains for few more days.

As parents, we have made plans for our child’s future, a timeline set for everything in their Happy childhood.

Some parents come to our Kindergarten school, trust us, follow the age criteria and admit their child accordingly.

Some parents come to us with better plans.

” Mam, my child is 2 and a half years old, but I know she is very active, so I request you to please admit her in a class higher than her age group.”

To this, we as teachers tell them, that it will just lead to alot of stress to your child. School will be a new place for her to adjust to. On top of that if she is admitted to a class where all the other children  are one year elder to her, she will have to adjust and cope up with that batch. A batch which is physically and mentally one year elder to her.

Some parents agree to teachers point of view and some don’t.

This lengthy writeup is addressed to all those who do not agree to our request. 

Trust me on this, at this early years of life, this difference in mental age counts.

Imagine, at this prewriting age first day of school, girl is sitting in a class learning to hold a pencil in her grip, where everyone else has mastered the prewriting strokes.

She still has to develope her fine motorskills and hand-eye coordination.

Oh! this is not enough, she will be doing some extra effort at home to hold pencil and learning to write, because, parents want her to catch-up with the class too.

Homework pressure, and peer pressure at this age is too much to handle for a child.


Be the patient Gardener, give your child, his time to grow.

Don’t be the gardener who just wanted to shift his seedlings in hurry.



I wish this message of positive schooling and Stress-free childhood reaches every parent. Every one deserves a stress-free happy childhood. If you support this philosophy of extending childhood years, please like, share, comment and follow.

We think we are doing it right. And the same situations comes many times. We unknowingly become hindrance to the growth of our child. And he has to face a lot of peer pressure. It repeats in school during the classes and at home. Children get homework, assignments, project work and many more activities for which student needs some guidance from parents. Let’s make their project solve the purpose, for what it was meant. Many times we as parents don’t do the way it should be done. To know common mistake that we do get for project work , please follow link: https://happyheartforever.com/2019/07/14/make-it-precious-not-beautiful/

Happy childhood is the best gift.

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