Room full of toys? Rethink.

Room full of toys? Rethink.

Toys, Do children need a room full of toys? Rethink. This is how I evaluate myself every time when I pass by a toy store and my two sets of twinkling eyes look at me with so much of hope and excitement. But Thanks to God, my children now understand, they don’t need to own every toy they see in the market.

Do children need a room full of toys? Rethink.

Evaluating need of toys:  

Best place for all of us to visit with kids could be Disney land. The best place for a child in a shopping complex could be a toy shop or a play zone. That in a resort could be play arena. The best place in playschool may be toys rooms.

But have we ever wondered why Sports Room, in a formal school, never comes under this lists of favorites?

Just go back in time, and what did we find? It was the sports ground that was always at the top in the list of favorite places to be in a school.

Best sources of toys at home: 

Children get toys, from their family, friends and now a days even food joints like McDonalds. They play with these toys  for a while and then it occupies a space in their almirah.

 It is not that kids don’t play with their toys, they do.

 Your child might have an almirah full of toys, due to two reasons:

  • It’s the best gift that makes a child happy. 
  • It’s the best thing we provide as compensation. 

Some of us also have a notion, that if a child possess more toys means he is happy.

But we sometimes miss the point, what kind of toy does your child need.

And What is the thing that our children ask for?

Answer: Time to play.

Our children need time to play. They need time to go out and play in open. Also time to play and get dirty in soil, and this stays true for all ages.

Just give them time to play, they will be happier.

Please comment if you agree to this thought.

Happy childhood is every child’s right.

All the best wishes to you on this amazing journey. This will surely give us easy life.

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