Eco friendly Business Ideas- Part 2.

Eco friendly Business Ideas- Part 2.  Stepping towards Greener Earth. Here is a series of posts with new and Eco friendly business ideas which also reduces our plastic footprint. You probably now know how much plastic is affecting our environment. It is time to start doing some effort from our level. Other than changing our habits and lifestyle, we also have to look for ways by which we can control the use of plastic in a bigger scale.

This series of posts contain some ideas that you can use as a startup.  If presently you have a business setup dealing with plastics and you feel guilty of that or are worrying about the future of your business, this series of Eco friendly Business Ideas will be of much use to you. These ideas can be used as startup at every city or town. 

So let us take a look at some of the efforts that people are doing at different corners. They are doing this to reduce the use of plastic as well as to spread the awareness. And as people are preferening eco friendly options, these business will have an edge over the conventional setups. 

Eco friendly Business Ideas- Part 2. Greener Earth.

Many of these ideas are new and do-able. Just think of the pacific garbage patch whenever you feel tempted to buy water, get a to-go cup or buy liquid laundry detergent. 

Note: These changes are the need of the market too. Here we go:

Eco friendly Business Ideas- Part 1

Today’s Eco Friendly Business Idea: 

Clay pottery

Eco friendly Business Ideas- Part 2.  Stepping towards Greener Earth. Here is a series of posts with new and Eco friendly business ideas which also reduces our plastic footprint.

Pottery is the process of forming vessels and other objects with clay and other ceramic materials, which are fired at high temperatures to give them a hard, durable form. Major types include earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. The places where such wares are made by a potter is also called a pottery . Clay-based pottery can be divided into three main groups: earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. These require increasingly more specific clay material, and increasingly higher firing temperatures. All three are made in glazed and unglazed varieties, for different purposes. All may also be decorated by various techniques. In many examples the group a piece belongs to is immediately visually apparent, but this is not always the case.

Eco friendly Business Ideas- Part 2. Greener Earth.

Benefits of cooking in clay pots: You can have a look at this post by Smita Diwan to have an idea about the benefits of cooking in clay pots.

Ancient Cookware How to Cure an Indian Clay Pot: Have a look at this video, if you are new at using clay pots in your kitchen. This is also helpful if you are planning to switch to claypots.

An effort towards switching to clayware from state government: Governments are also encouraging the use of clay cookware. Look at this video to see an effort by Chhattisgarh Government. 

With the changing times, clay utensils are back. There is an increase in demand in all sectors of the market. People have already started working on this sector. Small groups, entrepreneurs have started looking forward to this as a promising career.   

Do this again, take it as a business idea. Produce it locally, make it a supply chain, become a distributor, a retail outlet or explore the online market that is all up to you. Just do it because it is future. This will surely boost rural employment. 

To give you more idea on how promising this could be, here is a list of some good setups:

Native Roots India: They have some nice quality clay utensils in their shop with reasonable prices. 

Cook on Clay : With increasing demand of clay cookware, cookonclay is doing great work and is covering a variety of products suitable for oven, stove or grills. They also have wholesale outlet for people who are interested in putting these utensils in retail outlets or interested in opening a retail outlet with only their stuff. 

Maatisung: Maatisung is a good site with a huge collection of clay ware. You can order from them for your personal use or contact them for a bulk order for new retail setup. 

Ancient Cookware : For a good customer service, it is a U. S. A. based setup.

Mitticool: They have built strong relationships through trust and innovation. Mitti Cool is famous now, but in the starting, they  suffered lots of rejections and failures.They are keenly interested in giving chance to others who really want to do something in their life. They are looking for partners in India as well as the world. 

Natureloc : They are online shop for natural solutions. You will get a lot of things that connect you back to nature. 

All the best for a startup. Looking forward to seeing you in future. If this article was of any help to you, please respond in the comment box. 

Let’s be kind to Earth and the people living on it. 

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T-shirt bags, stop polythene bags, Go Green

T-shirt bags, stop polythene bags, Go Green, Save Earth. These are some of the concepts all of us hear now a days.

Say no to plastic bags save Earth

All of us think we will follow it now. Some of us try to follow it for a while, get appreciated by friends and family. But it fades away with time. Few of us take this concept and make it our habit. Being grown up it takes a little longer and special effort to convert this into a habit.

Recycled t-shirt bag,  stop polythene bags, Go Green, Save Earth

We at our school shared this Recycled T-shirt bags, reusable bags, stop polythene bags, Go Green, Save Earth activity with students of Kindergarten and primary classes.

After doing this for years, I find, effort was worth. 

Recycled t-shirt bag,  stop polythene bags, Go Green, Save Earth

Recycled T-shirt bags: I have seen this work in many sites, and it really wanted to try it. So, for the first time in 2012, I tried this as a project for my son. It was to engage a four year old into some productive play, while stabilising hand eye coordination and developing motor skills. 

He was so happy to use these new T-shirt bags, with so many cartoon characters printed on it. And he used it to carry his toys for one room to another.

These were the 5 most interesting ways of making reusable bags in 2012.

And then after seeing how T-shirt bags developed a positive habit to my son. I tried the same with students of my class. And then it became an annual activity.

Recycled t-shirt bag,  stop polythene bags, Go Green, Save Earth

But year after year when we Google and found out more ideas to follow for T-shirt bags. The best 7 ideas that we found in 2019 are listed here for you:

Recycled t-shirt bag,  stop polythene bags, Go Green, Save Earth

The concept that we are trying to give to our children might not be making a bag every time they see an old t- shirt.

But for me it was firstly to keep them engaged, secondly to make them learn something new and then most importantly to teach them how much joy they get by making something.

And the cherry on top were the teaching I could indirectly give to him about environment, why we should avoid plastic bags, what will be our contribution to saving Earth etc.

Present status, all the bags that we have are reusable and eco friendly.

Wishing happiness to the whole world.

Go Green. I am doing my bit.  There are many incidents, when my family or friends went shopping with me, and there is always a handy cloth bag that pops out of my purse or pocket. I always say no to polythene. But, how to help others do the same. I used my profession, teaching,as my opportunity. Every year, my students make a bag using their old t-shirt. Students enjoy doing this all by themselves. They are encouraged and appreciated on using these bags. It has become our annual activity. Make your own t-shirt bags

Save Earth, Bag your opportunity.

Please comment if you have more things that children can do at home to stay engaged and learn something important at the same time.

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