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Parenting to Reduce Plastic Pollution.

Parenting to reduce plastic pollution. Changing lifestyle for a bigger change.Being educated and a responsible citizen, I made some rules for myself to reduce my plastic footprint. Not using plastic bags, straw and plastic tumbler were part of my lifestyle for many years. I have failed occasionally, otherwise, plastic bottles had been on that list too. I am trying to give the same habit to my kids. And what better occasion to do the same than now, when the whole nation needs to make changes in lifestyle.

Photo by Stijn Dijkstra from Pexels

Make it precious not beautiful

(Tuesday morning) “Rahul,when is your science project submission date. ““Mumma, it’s next Monday, we still have a week to finish.”” Rahul, ask your classmates today, what are they making.”” Why, Mumma?”“Because, your’s should be the best.” (Thursday morning)“Rahul, did anyone deposite their project?”“Yes, some have done. When will […]

Let me put it differently

My hobby is gardening. That is why the season of rain, greenery brings more joy to me. I love watching plants grow. I feel joyful when around lush greens. When  plants get best environmental conditions they grow and flourish well. By profession, I am a preschool teacher, so […]